Ruby developer

Who we are

ASoft is a small software development company with a strong focus on quality of code and products.

Our main activity these days is building and launching e-commerce apps for the most advanced software company powered by Ruby and Ruby on Rails.

We are looking for a flexible and an open minded person, who will complement our team. We are looking for not an employee, but a team member.

What we need from you

  1. Languages: English (intermediate or higher), Russian (fluent), Ruby (> 1.year), JavaScript
  2. Frameworks and libraries: Ruby on Rails (> 1.year), React, jQuery
  3. TDD: RSpec/Minitest
  4. DBs: PostgreSQL/MySQL, Redis/Memcached
  5. APIs: GraphQL/REST
  7. A Unix mind (working with Linux, configuring Ansible, NGINX, Puma/Unicorn)
  8. Git, GitHub, GitLab, GitFlow, basically anything starting with "Git"
  9. A sense of humor
  10. A proactive position with a tireless willingness to learn

Nice to have:

  1. The Shopify API experience
  2. A FP experience (Elixir/Elm)

What we propose

  1. The small team with burning eyes
  2. High learning pace
  3. An opportunity to grow
  4. Latest technology stack
  5. A startup-like environment
  6. A competitive salary

Drop us your CV or relevant public profiles to Email address is protected by JavaScript. Please enable JavaScript to contact us.