Chatbots Development

Nowadays people spend more time in messengers than in social networks. At ASoft we believe chatbots is the future and a huge business opportunity.

Almost everybody has a smartphone these days, even those who didn't ever use a computer. This makes chatbots one of the most appealing distribution channels. Users are already there.

Customer support, brand promotion, e-commerce, entertainment, leads generation, startup idea... The technology is ready. Don't miss a chance — innovate with us!

What we helped to build

Who We Are

Sergey alekseev

Sergey Alekseev

Business Manager

Sergey is a talented business manager with a strong technical background.
He completed a Bachelor of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science degree with exceptional software programmers. Technology and business synergy is his main professional interest. He gives speeches, contributes to open source and writes blog posts.
Fan of online learning (and hypertext).

Dmitry halai

Dmitry Halai

Technical Leader

Dmitry is a highly experienced software developer with an intense focus on quality.
He started his development career back in 2009 and has worked as a developer/team leader/founder. Solving complex problems with simple solutions and an open mind, continuously learning something new are in his DNA.
Addicted runner 🏃.